About me

Eric Guntermann

I am a Banting Postdoctoral fellow at the University of California, Berkeley, where I work with Gabriel Lenz. My main interest is linkages between political elites and ordinary citizens. I study the representation of citizens' preferences by governments with a particular focus on the influence of electoral systems and voting behaviour on representation. I also study inequalities in representation and consider the extent to which political institutions reduce them.

Another major interest of mine is the influence political elites have on citizens' preferences. I am now a Banting postoctoral fellow focusing on the influence of far-right parties have on people's attitudes.

Relatedly, I consider citizens' attitudes towards political leader and parties. In some ongoing research, I assess conditions under which inter-party hostility can be reduced. In a current project, I find that cross-pressures can reduce the extent to which partisans have a strong preference for their party over other parties.

My research has been published in the Canadian Journal of Political Science, Canadian Public Administration, Electoral Studies, European Political Science, Party Politics, Political Science Research and Methods, Policy Studies, Regional and Federal Studies, and West European Politics.