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Eric Guntermann


Scaling Techniques in Political Science

Do you want to learn how to turn raw observations into data that can be used for empirical analyses? In this workshop, I will present the major scaling techniques used in political science. The workshop will cover basics on data theory, summated ratings scales, principal components analysis, factor analysis, and multidimensional scaling. I will also show participants how to present data using graphical methods.

Basic knowledge of R is recommended. You can learn R by watching the recording of the R workshop I gave last December. Here's the link.

If possible, bring a laptop to the workshop. You should also install R and RStudio as well as download the R code file, containing code and explanations of everything we cover, the Restplot code, and the datasets we will use. You can also download the slides.

You can download R here and RStudio here.

R code
Restplot code (by Dave Armstrong)
Dataset 1
Dataset 2

You can watch a recording of this workshop on Youtube: